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Touch of Care: Empowering Health through Fitness and Discovery in Switzerland

A collaborative event between the international fitness club David Lloyd in Veigy and pretac+, aimed to raise awareness about breast health and support the meaningful work of pretac+ in Switzerland.

Study results of Prospective evaluation of Tactile Breast examination by Visually Impaired in India were published

The study results explore the concept of enabling and training impaired women with enhanced tactile sense to performe tactile breast examination (TBE) for early detection of breast cancer.

Pilot phase in Switzerland on the home stretch

The Swiss team around the association pretac+ has successfully trained 2 MTEs and they are already in their compulsory internships.

Clinical breast exams are an incredibly valuable screening and early detection tool

Dr. Lily Gutnik is a U.S. breast surgeon specializing in breast cancer. In this interview she talks about her passion for her job, the challenges in breast cancer screening at the global level and why she is fascinated by discovering hands.

New MTE trainers and Training MTEs in Austria

On May 6th two new MTE trainers and, for the first time in Austria, two Training MTEs were certified. This professional team will kick off the new round of training in fall 2022.